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NearSoft provides methodology and technology for real-time collaborative processing of the production information inside an enterprise, based on all applicable international standards, such as IEC / ISO 62264 (ANSI/ISA 95), B2MML, OPC, etc. 

NearSoft has developed MOM4, a software platform solution that delivers significant cost reductions associated with designing, building, deploying and maintaining standardized applications for manufacturing and infrastructure operations. MOM4 is an Manufacturing Operation Management platform build as an Enterprise Content Management System (eCMS) and providing functionality for Operation Management (MOM), such as Planning and Scheduling (APS, MRP), Manufacturing Execution (MES), Tracking and Data Collection, Reporting and KPI, Maintenance (EAM, CMMS) and Quality analyses (QMS), etc. 

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  • Manufacturing Management

    NearSoft offerings are aimed at equipping managers with the necessary tools for implementing ISO and HACCP standards as well as implementing a true Just-In-Time and Lean Six Sigma in order to achieve Operational Excellence and better ROCE read more