NearSoft Ltd. was founded in 2006 with the mission to create affordable collaboration solutions for the industry. Combining cutting-edge technology effectively with near-shore software development, NearSoft provides methodology and technology for near real-time collaborative processing of the production information inside an enterprise. The company’s secondary objective is helping European companies stay competitive on the global marketplace.

Values &  Mission

Our company’s mission is to help our clients improve the efficiency of their work by providing them with useful IT tools to support their business needs. In doing so, we stick to a set of company values and principles. In time these principles may develop and change, but the overall spirit of professionalism and responsibility will remain the same.

  • Quality – If something is worth doing, it is worth doing well. This was true in the 20th century, it is even more so in the 21st. In the long run, low quality products are a disappointment for everyone – the one who made them, the one who sold them, the one who bought them and most definitely the one that has to use them. That is why we have made a commitment to quality and we will not disregard this responsibility.
  • Efficiency – Today’s world is all about efficiency; efficient business, efficient budget, efficient cars, efficient lives, etc. Efficiency for us is defined by pooling our resources and finishing the job as quickly as possible, but always carefully enough to assure that we do not have to” re-finish” it again later.
  • Teamwork – Teamwork is extremely important to our success. Results are accomplished at NearSoft through the efforts of a wide range of individual contributions. Success is shared. Being able to work cooperatively with other people – some of them geographically dispersed – and support their efforts in the pursuit of a higher goal is what sets our employees apart from workers at other companies.

  • History


    Mr. Vladimir Filipov, chief executive officer, founded NearSoft Ltd. in 2006. He holds  a Master of Science degree in Industrial Automation and has over 19 years in the software industry.  He has been promoting and implementing Manufacturing Execution Systems world-wide during the last 18 years and helped ABB to secure the position as world leader in the field of Collaborative Production Management. Mr. Filipov held the position of Product Manager at ABB, prior to founding NearSoft.

    Vladimir Filipov