Information is to an enterprise what oil is to an engine! Managers could gain competitive advantage where management information is:

  • fact-based
  • credible and actionable

and where performance is optimized continuously and managed pro-actively.

NearSoft’s MOM4 suit of products are aimed at equipping managers with the necessary tools for implementing ISO and HACCP standards and true Lean Manufacturing.

  • Benefits

    • Respond more quickly to changing market conditions
    • Increase productivity while reducing errors and defects
    • Provide for visibility within your four walls and across your entire manufacturing supply chain
    • Achieve more granular control over your manufacturing processes
    • Integrate distributed operations
    • Leverage the investment in your ERP and PLM systems
    • Implement, maintain and improve your Quality and Continuous Improvement initiatives
    • Adopt an evolutionary approach  to modernize your manufacturing operations
    • Reduce the need for and costs associated with maintenance, training, and IT support
    • Lower the cost and time required to achieve regulatory compliance