Food and Beverage


Food manufacturers in Europe are under pressure to be able to trace every product at every stage of the supply chain. This legislation (EU directive 178/2002), which comes into force in the EU in January 2005, states that food manufacturers have to be able to show that they can trace products right through the food chain. The new regulations have pushed more of them towards seeking out efficient solutions to meeting the standards such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) and distributed control systems (DCS). Advances in SCADA technologies have ensured improved IT compatibility along with the capability to support higher-level business systems such as manufacturing operation management (MOM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP). A Manufacturing Operations Management System (MOM4) describes the overall infrastructure needed to allow a firm to carry out all its tracing, tracking and product specification requirements efficiently and in a co-ordinate manner. In addition, the MOM4 could closely monitor and control essential KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) that include Yields, Throughput giveaway, Quality and food safety and Stock movements

  • Benefits

    Key benefits of MOM4 are:
    • Unique ‘off the shelf’ functionality
    • Minimum plant disruption to install
    • Efficient and effective production scheduling
    • Increased productivity
    • Higher product consistency and quality
    • Optimised raw material usage – effective stock control
    • Minimised waste
    • Eradication of unaccountable losses
    • Full electronic traceability throughout the plant
    • Reliable line control – 100% labelling accuracy