The metals industry continues to undergo a major transformation, spurred by industry consolidation, globalization, increasing costs of raw materials, demand and price fluctuations. To cope with this ever-changing landscape, metals producers are making structural changes to reduce costs and seeking customer loyalty through higher service levels. As part of these efforts, many are looking for ways to drive new levels of efficiency and flexibility within their core processes. There is an increasing need not only to utilize sophisticated optimization techniques to generate high quality production schedules, but also to accurately execute and monitor these schedules, and make timely adjustments as needed to guarantee that maximum efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility are achieved on the production floor. MOM4 closes the gap between production planning and production execution and brings benefits to metals producers by enabling them to react continuously and operate at the optimal condition.

NearSoft has expanded and refined its offerings to the Metals industry by building on a decade of experience in delivering comprehensive Manufacturing Execution Systems (Level 2) and Manufacturing Operations Management solutions, while expanding and integrating them with control, enterprise, and strategic corporate systems. Our expertise addresses the needs of the whole or part of the Metals value chain in integrated steel plants and mini-mills covering: Primary Raw Material Yards, Blast Furnace Plants, Melt Shops, Continuous Casting, Hot and Cold Rolling Mills, Processing Lines, Extrusion Presses, Drawings and Shipping Yards.

  • Benefits

    • Increased production throughput 
    • Reduced operating cost 
    • Reduced inventories
    • Higher production yield
    • Higher and more uniform product quality
    • “Institutionalized” Production Rules and Recipes
    • Faster, more accurate management decision
    • Empowered and well informed operators


    Additional features:

    • 2D Cut Optimization
    • Schedule Optimization
    • Roll Management
    • Dies Management