Minerals and Cement


NearSoft’s solutions for Manufacturing Operations Management, MOM4, drastically simplifies production management by enabling performance monitoring, downtime management and maintenance support, as well as providing statistical production analysis tools. MOM4 condenses huge quantities of data and makes meaningful information out of it in order to present only relevant information needed at that moment in time. On a  plant a lot of data is produced. MOM4 dedicated data handling concept is able to extract, condense and combine the information into a meaningful form and combination.

MOM4 provides:
  • Move towards optimum plant performance by improving your plant operation, process efficiency and product quality.
  • Higher frequency of timely business decisions by supporting daily plant performance monitoring, analysis and maintenance
  • Higher effectiveness in production and maintenance management, at consistent quality – reduced production costs.
  • Improvements in proof-of-performance and compliance.
  • Increased manpower productivity and efficiency
  • Improved inventory management stability at lower stock levels.
  • Benefits

    • Manage plant effectiveness
    • Maximize production asset and utilization
    • Account environmental compliance
    • Track energy consumption
    • Standardize laboratory management
    • Administer material balancing
    • Integration of complete, accurate and consistent manufacturing information into an ERP