Manufacturing IT

The industry globalization we have seen take place over the past decades has forced manufacturers to produce high-quality products in the most cost-efficient manner. Operational excellence has become the key issue for the manufacturing industry. The need for integrated observation of the performance processes of production in real-time was quickly recognized. Manufacturers must be the most responsive, the fastest to market, the most flexible and the highest quality producers. In this demanding global market, the degree to which customer expectations are satisfied will ultimately determine success. This customer-oriented strategy requires an integrated information management infrastructure that completely integrates business needs with the manufacturing process.

As  the business puts more pressure on its manufacturing process, companies are looking for a way to improve their operational excellence by adopting new initiatives, methodologies and tools. Additional new challenges for producers arise from norms and guidelines, such as quality assurance standards and regulations in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Today, transparency and traceability are playing an increasingly important role.

  • Our approach

    NearSoft’s approach is based on the belief that manufacturing IT solutions are only an enabler, and not a goal in itself. An MES/MOM solution should contribute to a manufacturer’s main business goals, which most of the time are about achieving operational excellence. This approach enables our specialized management consultants to have a deep and wide domain knowledge and experience in manufacturing IT specifically, rather than just IT. 

  • IT landscape

    ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
    SCM – Supply Change Management
    CRM – Customer Relation Management
    PLM – Product Lifecycle Management
    MES – Manufacturing Execution Systems
    MOM – Manufacturing Operation Management
    CMMS –  Maintenance Management System
    EAM – Enterprise Asset Management
    SCADA – Process Supervision
    PLC / DCS – Control Systems – Automation