MOM Benefits

A survey conducted by MESA and reported by Modern Materials Handling identifies the major benefits of MES:

  • 45% average reduction in manufacturing cycle times
  • 17% average reduction in work-in-process levels
  • 75% average reduction in data entry time
  • 32% average reduction in production lead time
  • 56% average reduction in shop floor paper work
  • 15% average reduction in finished goods defects

In the world of manufacturing, every company is unique. Each has specific equipment, processes, routines and demands, however, those who are successful share something in common – they have efficient production processes.

One integration platform

In many manufacturing sites the IT landscape is a mixture of duplicated functionality, gaps in functionality and many isolated add-on solutions as Excel sheets, paper systems and other “best-of-breed” solutions. All with the purpose of trying to connect the ERP level and shop floor level systems without a layer in between.

By introducing a Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) layer between the ERP system and the shop floor level systems a predefined integration is achieved. This not only covers processes in the production but also influences the whole supply chain, distribution, quality assurance and maintenance.

  • MOM4 Benefits

    The expected ROI for MOM4 is less than one year.

    Overall, the following improvements can be achieved:

    • Increase asset utilization by 10-20% through better planning, optimization algorithms, decrease of the changeover times and downtime.
    • Improve on time deliveries by 6-10%
    • Decrease lead time with 30-40%
    • Reduce re-works by 5-10%
    • Decrease waste (scrap) with 10% by “institutionalization” of the production process
    • Reduce inventory costs up to 30%