MOM4 is a collaborative software, based on standard products that close the gap between production planning and production execution. Main benefit lies in enabling producers to react continuously and operate at the optimal condition. The users which can apply and benefit from MOM4 vary from shop floor operators to executive managers. MOM4 empowers YOU to make real-time actionable decisions both throughout the plant and across the enterprise. MOM4 Suite comprises five important and powerful products: MOM4Scheduling, MOM4Capacity, MOM4Execution, MOM4Reports, and MOM4 Resources. All products provide a flexible approach to collecting, organizing, and distributing production and quality information throughout a processing plant via a web-based user interface. The suit is fully built to comply with industry standards such as B2MML and OPC , allowing the system to operate with any other ERP system or DCS/PLC product brand used in basic automation.


  • Increased business process efficiency and flexibility
  • Process Control and Improvement: Production, Quality, Personnel & Maintenance management, Communication, Integration of data
  • Collaborative software that closes the gap between ERP and production execution
  • Enables plant- and enterprise-wide real-time actionable decision-making
  • Increased productivity yield, reduced operating costs, and overall manpower savings
  • Consistently doing “The Right Things Well” – leading to continuous improvement embodied in methodologies such as Lean Six
  • Features

    • Used as implementation platform for:
    • – MOM4 Production
    • – MOM4 Quality
    • – MOM4 Maintenance
    • – MOM4 Inventory
    • Web based GUI with portal futures
    • Fully configurable platform by the end-user
    • Supported industry standards:
    • – ANSI/ISA 95 (IEC/ISO 62264)
    • – B2MML (WBF)
    • – OPC
    • – XML and Web Services
    • – Supports both Microsoft and Oracle databases
    • SAP standard connectivity
    • Standard connectivity to automation system (PLC,DCS, etc)
    • Could incorporate up to several hundred users