MOM4 Capacity

MOM4Capacity presents and informs about capacity per equipment, per time, and capacity balance. Capacity planning is the process of determining the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products Overall capacity is separated in 3 main groups: committed, available, and unattainable capacity. Since one machine can work one or two shifts – which can result in 8/16h but availability is 24h a day. Capacity is essential to define the shifts and shows when different machines are available. Based on availability machines can be reserved and better utilized. MOM4Capacity also shows which team works which shift and how many machines are involved in this process. Because MOM4Capacity is tightly connected to MOM4Scheduling, the two products work best and result in greatest benefit when purchased together.


  • Satisfy market requirements such as short lead time, on-time deliveries, fast and reliable information
  • Faster response to shifting customer demand, production conditions, and other unexpected events
  • Reduced inventory and cycle time
  • The foresight to anticipate and meet future capacity requirements before business processes are impacted
  • Reduced risk of service degradation through better management of company assets
  • Reduced risk associated with last minute changes to the production plan
  • Features

    • Definition of working periods with templates
    • Calendar Management – detailed daily calendar for each cost center including corresponding shifts and teams
    • Capacity time slots reservation and visualization
    • Capacity balancing and leveling
    • Resource Profiles and Templates
    • Easy rearrangement of tasks between machines with similar operations