MOM4 Execution


MOM4Execution accounts for execution orders, order tracking, production tracking, data collection, downtime management, and equipment management. Once the master scheduling is ready, it is sent to the production floor for execution. Then it is grouped by predefined parameters in campaigns per machine and corresponding consumer resources. The operator or the control system will signal when and which order must be executed next. Information about the production process is received and stored in a database, enabling it to be collected later for further analysis and reporting. Once a product is finished at its first step, it is marked as such and will continue to the next step automatically. During each process of production quality information is also collected and quality assurance issued. In the case of any downtime during execution, the operator may input information such as reasons and failure. Downtime may be detected from the system itself.


  • Better visibility of the manufacturing process
  • Sustainable production performance improvements
  • Ability to take preventative and corrective action
  • Make timely adjustments as needed to guarantee maximum efficiency, responsiveness and flexibility on the real-time information available to identify and report problems on the production floor
  • Reduced inventory and cycle time, while increasing production throughput
  • Enables producers to react continuously and operate at the optimal condition
  • Information on when and where each product is at any time, even in intermediate storage
  • Real-time production information instantly available to everybody
  • Features

    • Dispatch list (campaigns) with Working Orders
    • Dispatching presets directly to the controllers
    • Product Identification and Traceability
    • Work-In-Progress (WIP) inventory
    • Automatic data collection
    • Validation and audit at each process step
    • Material History (Genealogy)
    • Downtime management
    • Alarms and Events
    • External communication with any PLC, DCS, etc
    •OPC support