MOM4 Reports

MOM4Reports is a flexible report system which informs about data management and overall production. Information is either entered or collected from all operations and later can be presented using previously fixed, system-contained reports or customized report created by the client.

MOM4Reports are based on Microsoft web part technology. Web Parts is an integrated set of controls for creating Web sites that enable end users to modify the content, appearance, and behavior of Web pages directly from a browser. The modifications can be applied to all users on the site or to individual users. When users modify pages and controls, the settings can be saved to retain a user’s personal preferences across future browser sessions, a feature called personalization. These Web Parts capabilities can empower end users to personalize a Web application dynamically, without developer or administrator intervention.


  • Full product genealogy and information tracking
  • Historical data for performance analyses and process optimization. Score cards, KPIs, OEE, etc.
  • Real-time information available to identify and report problems. Check it, anytime, anywhere from the company intranet using MOM4 rich graphical web-based interface
  • Personalized page content and layout, tailored to meet specific requirements for all categories of workers and mangers in an enterprise. Business process view from many different perspectives
  • Better informed and empowered operators and managers. Real-time decisions make an efficient supply chain and reduce the waste of time and materials.
  • Integration with plant portals such as SharePoint and SAP
  • Features

    • Production reports : by shifts, daily or monthly
    • Product Quality reports
    • Finished product reports
    • Quality Assurance
    • Maintenance Reports
    • Downtime, Pareto Charts, Failing facilities Report
    • Engineering Reports
    • Consumption Reports
    • Energy Reports
    • KPIs and OEE
    • Integration with MS SharePoint
    • Data retrievable to Excel
    • Standard communication with ERP (SAP)