MOM4 Resources

MOM4Resources contains information and visualization of enterprise-wide resources, including materials, equipment, personnel, and process segmentation. Each category defines resources by collecting specific information such as:

  • Materials: full definition and classification of materials; includes quality assurance standards; size, chemical composition and other important and specific parameters
  • Equipment: describes capability, limitations/ productivity per material, calibration tests and maintenance
  • Personnel: number of people, qualifications achieved, training (past and in progress), and tags with personal information
  • Process Segments: combines information from People, Equipment and Material; it is a logical grouping that corresponds to cost centers; defines the dependency (how, when, after how long)

MOM4Resources also contains Product Production Definitions – “What is needed to make a product?” This defines a product’s production routes and various process steps. Processes are organized in terms of consecutive or parallel routings and always finish with an intermediate or final product. The four categories of resources are essential in defining the production routing for intermediate and final products. Some routings will be automatically generated based on rules.


  • Provides definition of all resources using industry standards such as ANSI/ISA 95, IEC/ISO 62264, OPC, etc.
  • Process Control and Improvement: Production Quality, Personnel & Maintenance management, Communication, integration of data
  • Higher and more uniform product quality
  • Records trainings and qualification test results per person, capability and calibration test results per machine, quality test results and standards per material
  • Features

    • Uniform codification system for:
       – Materials
       – People
       – Equipment
    • Uniform production practices
    • Product production rules and definitions
    • Standardized receipts
    • Communication with any control system (PLC, DCS) for sending the corresponding receipt (presets)