MOM4 Scheduling

MOM4Scheduling allows for advanced planning and scheduling, produces a master plan and manages production orders and working orders. Once all customer orders are accepted and entered, they will be grouped by similar products and put into a production order (PO) form. In each defined step, there is data about material consumed versus material produced. MOM4Scheduling measures and accounts for each material transformation (i.e. thickness reduction), such information is tightly integrated to MOM4Resources as original definition and routings are readily available there. Scrap is also accounted for and could be predicted in future with MOM4. POs may be customized later and scheduling can start from beginning or intermediate locations.


  • Satisfy market requirements such as: short lead time, on-time deliveries, fast and reliable information
  • Faster response to shifting customer demand, market conditions, and other unexpected events
  • Reduced inventory and cycle time
  • Ability to take preventative and corrective action as MOM4 works together with ERP systems to form a coherent information system for the entire production
  • ERP systems alone often do not have the necessary detailed information required to schedule specific production activities, production equipment, or personnel, however MOM4 can!
  • Features

    • Master Planning
    • Detailed production scheduling
    • Work Orders
    • Re-scheduling, synchronization and order customization
    • Simulation
    • Bottleneck Optimization
    • Algorithm for time and weight calculation of semi-products and scrap per Working Orders
    • Bi-directional communication with an ERP (SAP)