Software Development


 Individual customer requirements are implemented as required by our software development. Individual requirements can not always be achieved with a standard software. With modern, commercially available programming tools we develop user-specific, MOM4-compatible and release-capable functions according to the requirements of our customers. NearSoft is committed to the principles of Lean Software Development. The principles that underpin Lean Software Development processes are:
  • Follow a Systems Thinking & Design Approach
  • Emergent Outcomes can be Influenced by Architecting the Context of a Complex Adaptive System
  • Respect People (as part of the system)
  • Use the Scientific Method (to drive improvements)
  • Encourage Leadership
  • Generate Visibility (into work, workflow, and system operation)
  • Reduce Flow Time
  • Reduce Waste to Improve Efficiency
    To ensure the traceability and safety of the source code generated, we use one of the most popular change management systems. Every piece of software delivered undergoes a rigid corporate-wide quality assurance process that involves the use of state-of-the-art testing and test automation tools. NearSoft leverages the best industry practices, international standards’ guidelines and specialized project management software to ensure total transparency and manageability of the project activities for the customer.
  • Expertise

    Design:        UML and SysML

    Languages: C#, C++, XML, SQL

    Technologies: ASP.NET, Web Parts, HTML 5, JS, Jason Script, IIS, WCF, WinForms, Web Services.

    Databases: Oracle and MS SQL Server

    OS: Windows Server, SharePoint Server

    NearSoft is:

    MS Silver Partner