MOM4 Maintenance

Take control of your maintenance activities

MOM4 Maintenance solution functions like a Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS). A CMMS is a software database which provides essential information about the organization’s maintenance operations, intended to better prepare and assist technicians and operators.

MOM4 Maintenance assist with maintenance work orders, allows for preventative maintenance, better asset management, inventory control and safety. MOM4 Maintenance reports on scheduled jobs, availability of resources (materials, equipment, personnel, and process segmentation), various production costs and tracks important information about workflow, downtime, and problems if any. MOM4 Maintenance is a preventative maintenance solution, allowing you to keep track of machine schedules, inspections and performance, to react and prevent possible complications. Better asset management is enforced by MOM4 through continuous reporting on and recording of data about your equipment and maintenance activity.


  • Improved performance of your equipment by implementing OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) – helping to reduce unplanned stops and improve plant performance and product quality
  • Optimized productivity and asset utilization by better utilizing and managing all resources involved in maintenance
  • Reduced maintenance costs and improved uptime by shifting over from traditional preventive maintenance to conditional based and/or predictive maintenance
  • Integration of maintenance management into your production execution system
  • Maintenance workers productivity tracking and reporting
  • Reduced capital tied up in your stock inventory by standardizing on fewer parts
  • Features

    • Maintenance Model (Materials, Equipment, People)
    • Maintenance Rules and Guidelines
    • Planned maintenance
    • Capacity and Calendar management
    • Activity Planning and Generation of Maintenance Orders
    • Maintenance data collection
    • Manual entry forms
    • Alarm management
    • Maintenance Reports
    • Correlation with Production data
    • Connection with external CMMS or ERP modules