MOM4 Quality

Integrate laboratory management with enterprise-wide production

MOM4 Quality solution functions like a Quality Management System. It establishes, controls and reports on quality processes, but at the same time allows for direction and enforcement of those quality processes. The solution helps you to reach Total Quality Management (TQM). TQM is a management approach which provides essential awareness of quality in each organizational process. Quality management alone provides for quality control, assurance and improvements. Quality control with MOM4 ensures that your products are designed and produced to meet customer needs. Main parts to quality control include quality assurance, failure testing and statistical control. Quality assurance is a planned and methodical process, enforced by MOM4 that gives confidence in your products fit and suitability to initial purpose and requirements. Based on the information collected by MOM4 Quality, a manager could drive quality improvements. Those may cover improvements along the product, process or people/team management. MOM4 Quality solution may operate stand-alone or integrated to an existing ERP and/or LIMS system and enable further functional benefits.


  • Support and implementation of Lean Six Sigma programs
  • Real-time visibility, traceability and feedback on quality issues
  • Improved capacity utilization at laboratories
  • Reduced sample processing times
  • Continuous quality validation and control
  • Protection from potential quality issues in future
  • Features

    • Quality Model (Materials, Equipment, People)
    • Quality Test Rules and Guidelines
    • Quality Test Planning
    • Capacity and Calendar management
    • Samples collection
    • Manual entry forms
    • Quality Reports
    • Analysis/test reports
    • Sample survey sheet
    • Compliance reports
    • Correlation with Production data
    • Connection with external LIMS or ERP quality modules