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How to select the right topic?
Last Updated 11 years ago

When you enter a new support request, it is important to select the right topic for your issue.
At the moment there are 3 main groups with the related sub-topics:
  • New Request - reserved for new requests of sub-type "Extension" (change request) or "New Functionality" (new project).
  • Operational Problem - is used for problems on operational (working) server. The main sub-titles are "Installation" (related to publishing of a new version of MOM4), "Configuration" (related to configuring the system with MOM4Engineering (admin) or configuration in MOM4Resources (new material, product or routing definitions), "Reports" (all problems related to MOM4Reports), and "Bug Report" (the problems related to obvious bugs in the system).
  • Test Problem - is used for problems in the test environment at SofiaMed. The main sub-titles are "Requirements" (problem related to wrong or misunderstood requirements, as well as modification of the existing ones), "Bug Report" (for problems occurred during the test by SofiaMed).

All other problems that are not specified above should be categorized under the main topics (New Request, Operational Problem and Test Problem). Recommendation for new topics and sub-topics are welcomed. Please send them to

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