Customers in charge! In the supply-driven and normal world of yesterday, customers were scorned. Despite all the catchy slogan saying “The Customer Is King”, the customers were often treated as the outsiders of the business world. Buyers had to settle for one-size-fits-all solutions.</p> <p>We understand that contemporary customers, powered by new technology, want it all – and they want it now. Our customers are unique individuals and we do not hesitate to spend time with them in order to better understand their needs.</p> <p>At NearSoft, we forge relationships that endure. Our solutions provide strategic advantage to some of the most admired organizations in the world: ABB (Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Brazil and Japan), IBM, Halcor and many more to come. Our implementation of MOM4 in SofiaMed has been highlighted in a series of interviews with the Head of Planning Department and the CIO, published in the magazine CIO. </p> <p>Please contact us for a co
Sofia Med

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