NearSoft is a company that specializes in a combination of Management Consulting and Software Solutions to help businesses achieve Manufacturing Excellence. They are dedicated to providing top-notch software development services that create strong, scalable, and cost-efficient industrial software solutions. NearSoft has a skilled team that works with a variety of technologies and standards to serve clients from diverse industries. Their experienced professionals ensure product and service quality and reliability.

In summary, NearSoft offers a combination of Management Consulting and Software Solutions to assist businesses in achieving Manufacturing Excellence. They focus on delivering high-quality industrial software solutions, reducing costs, and providing expert services with their skilled and experienced team.


    Key features of NearSoft’s services include:

    • Cost Savings: NearSoft offers the potential for significant cost reductions in software development and maintenance, up to 70%.
    • Expertise: They provide high-level expertise in both business and technology domains.
    • Experience: NearSoft has extensive experience in software services and development, giving them a unique advantage.
    • Skilled Team: The company boasts a team of highly educated, dedicated, and honest IT professionals.
    • Development Process: NearSoft employs a refined software development process and emphasizes Quality Assurance to ensure the excellence of their solutions.
    • Transparency: They value transparent business relations, promoting open and honest communication with clients.

    Business Consulting


    Many management consulting firms aim to enhance business value by introducing best practices in strategic and operational management, typically through assessments and plans. However, after projects conclude, organizations often revert to wasteful processes. At NearSoft, we go beyond, collaborating closely to elevate knowledge, thinking, and team capabilities.

    NearSoft emphasizes Work Process Management to sustainably reduce waste by automating process control. This approach integrates Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) into Manufacturing Operation Management systems, enabling advanced lean initiatives. This leads to lasting waste reduction, continuous Kaizen improvement, and ongoing momentum.

    Business Consulting activities with NearSoft can be integrated into project phases or carried out separately. These activities ensure accurate budget and timeframe estimations for Manufacturing Operation Management projects. Our core aim is to offer customers insightful technology advice for effectively implementing a computerized Manufacturing Operations Management system. This involves tasks like business-case analysis, software conceptualization, co-developing business and technical requirements, feasibility studies, solution prototyping, technical specification preparation, and software project planning and management.


    Business Requirements are necessary processes an organization must perform in order to do business. They can be expressed in textual documents or graphical models. Understanding all facets of the enterprise is a crucial prerequisite to undertaking a process improvement effort.

    This effort often leads to an in-depth understanding of process interactions, or lack thereof, which will uncover inefficiencies and disconnects that lead to a desire for improvement. NearSoft uses a business modelling language to capture the business knowledge and produce a series of models, diagrammatic pictures or representations of all aspects of the business captured to include the following dimensions:

    • WHAT (what do we do?)
    • WHO (who does what?)
    • WHERE (where do we do what we do?)
    • WHICH (which information do we need to do it?)
    • WHEN (when is it done, order of processes?)
    • HOW (how do all these elements interact?)

      The success of project implementation strongly depends on how precisely the target software requirements are defined.

      Software Development

      Individual customer requirements are implemented as required by our software development. Individual requirements can not always be achieved with a standard software. With modern, commercially available programming tools we develop user-specific, MOM4-compatible and release-capable functions according to the requirements of our customers. NearSoft is committed to the principles of Lean Software Development. The principles that underpin Lean Software Development processes are:
      • Follow a Systems Thinking & Design Approach
      • Emergent Outcomes can be Influenced by Architecting the Context of a Complex Adaptive System
      • Respect People (as part of the system)
      • Use the Scientific Method (to drive improvements)
      • Encourage Leadership
      • Generate Visibility (into work, workflow, and system operation)
      • Reduce Flow Time
      • Reduce Waste to Improve Efficiency  

       To ensure the traceability and safety of the source code generated, we use one of the most popular change management systems. Every piece of software delivered undergoes a rigid corporate-wide quality assurance process that involves the use of state-of-the-art testing and test automation tools. NearSoft leverages the best industry practices, international standards’ guidelines and specialized project management software to ensure total transparency and manageability of the project activities for the customer.


      Our services do not end with implementation. When you use MOM4, you can rely on full product and technical support from NearSoft. Support services are provided through telephone, email, and the Web.  All of this enables NearSoft Support organization to provide fast, consistent responses to customer inquiries on a worldwide basis, around the clock.

      Our support staff is easily accessible by phone or email, 24×7, to provide comprehensive product and technical assistance.

      Web-based Ticket System (available only for registered customers).