Partners – Inside the temple of trust! Collaboration requires trust. Without trust organizations cannot design and use the kind of open info-structures that are so critical for dialogue and development. The Trust not only facilitates co-operation but also reduces contract and monitoring costs. Three things are absolutely critical in determining whom you trust: competence, care and character. NearSoft is proud to be associated with some of the most prestigious technology providers in the industry. As an ABB Implementation Partner, NearSoft is able to provide industry leading enterprise systems and software solutions. Our Microsoft® Silver Software Development partnership offers ongoing access to technical expertise and early access to new technologies, which gives us a competitive advantage in putting powerful new features into our products. Our partnerships with universities and educational organisations prepare specialists with the necessary competence for Industry 4.0. Our membership in branch organizations provides networking opportunities, access to industry insights, and advocacy for industrial digitalization. Additionally, it fosters credibility and trust, opening doors to business opportunities and providing valuable resources and support.
Bulgarian Association Information Technologies
ERP Academy
Partner Program The objective of our Partner Program is to expand our partner community by keep attracting highly skilled partners with local presence and complementary solutions to MOM4. Through training and cooperation on customer projects, we will ensure that all our partners have the best skills and competencies needed to deliver value and high customer satisfaction. Our partners are the foundation of our growth ambitions and must understand the trends of the industry, the needs of the customers and have extensive knowledge of local customs and languages. Partners will be capable of supporting our customers in optimizing their production environment and delivering fast and reliable returns on investment. Our Partner Program has a clear objective to attract an ecosystem of partners with Value Added Resellers who can sell and implement and System Integrators who focus on implementation and integration. Furthermore, it is part of our strategy to engage in dialogue with advisors, analysts and other industry experts. We have built a program to develop partners gradually as the partner gains experience with MOM4 and reaches profitability.